Monday, June 8, 2015

New (to me) Doll Additions

I've added some new dolls to my doll community. Here's two recent additions. I'm not really a Monster High collector but Robecca Steam will fit in perfectly with my coffee shop diorama and Frankie Stein although marked $2.69 (Salvation Army) was only rang up at .99 after I complained that Goodwill fashion dolls are usually only .99!

I purchased this doll from ebay. She has a Holiday Barbie face and a Disney doll body. I love her face and that she's articulated. The only problem with the articulation is that when sitting, she can't close her legs. That is so NOT ladylike!

On the other had she does have articulated ankles and can wear heels or flats...SCORE!


  1. Not sure how I missed this post.... I've never been attracted to the MH dolls prior to seeing other collectors' dolls. I've noticed people do some pretty creative things with them and little by little, they're starting to win me over. So I'll be interested in seeing what you do with the new additions to your family. The crochet dress on the Barbie is adorable. Since she can't close her legs, you'll have to make her panties!!!!

  2. Your AA Barbie is on a newer Tiana body. She is the same complexion as SIS Cara and is great for older AA dolls who are the same complexions. I have used it to re-body some of my dolls. I do like the older bodies a little better. The ankles aren't articulated but I do like the a little better.