Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thrift Store Dolls

I stop by one of my favorite thrift stores today and picked up a couple of dolls.

She was only $1.09 but she needs serious hair intervention.

This Ken had been removed from the box and as you can see was only $4.69. I have several Ken's already but couldn't resist. Of course I removed him from the box the second I walked in the door!

I bought this doll on eBay and while I'm pretty sure she'll get a makeover...

She's found her prince! Maybe she need to remain a princess?


  1. Wow, some really great finds! I can't believe you found that Nutcracker Ken still in the box! He does make a pretty handsome prince and I will bet Madison is pretty happy to have found her prince. Looking forward to seeing them all spruced up!

  2. Congratulations with finding these great dolls! Ken is awesome, and the ladies too!

  3. Hi Rachelle. I have a weakness for the first doll. I have two of them. The first I bought in a gift shop in Paris and the second was found in a heap in a garage. They have the Barbie Lea face sculpt and are worth much more than the dollar you paid--especially overseas. (I have that doll with that hair and paid the equivalent of about $18 for her!) Her (natural) hair is so pretty (though a bit unruly) that I decided to simply leave it alone. I will be most interested to see what you do with her.

  4. I enjoy your stuff. I love thrift store dolls. do you have any machine knit Barbie Clothes, with the fine knitting machine, not bulky? do you have patterns? do I follow you with the BLOGLOVING site? thank you, Vicki

  5. You must have wonderful thrift stores where you live. I would never luck out like this. Congratulations!