Thursday, September 17, 2015

A New Arrival

A new girl has moved into the house. My Dena arrived yesterday. She's a plus size girl. Of course she was stark naked and barefoot so I had to quickly make her an outfit and shoes as there are lots of men in the house. I wish I'd been able to get a Dasia but sometimes you just have to take what you get. I noticed there is a difference between the coloring of her body and face. Also as I was separating the curls in her hair several locks came off and some other are just disintegrating. Is that normal? At this rate I'm going to have to learn to reroot or make wigs.

I crocheted the top but need to tweak the pattern some. I added different color to her eyelids and lips. The shoes are made out of cardstock, craft foam and elastic. The necklace is one I made which all the dolls have to share. She made a quick stop by the Man Cave and  may have already found herself a man. She'll fit perfectly into another project I already have going.


  1. Your Dena is really great and I love the outfit you made for her. Did you make the shoes too? I have a Dasia, and I have not had any trouble with her hair coming out.

  2. She's very pretty, the Dasia and Dena dolls are great. Unfortunate about the hair, I hope it stops disintegrating. The outfit is lovely, and the shoes too!

  3. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I love it. I like your doll, she is very funny. You've made a very nice clothes for her.
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  4. Hi Rachelle LOVE your new doll. It sounds like girlfriend has a little age on her. The down side to collecting dolls is that often the materials used to make our vinyl friends discolor as they age. I have an FR Homme doll (I bought used) who looks like he got smeared with Coppertone suntan lotion on part (but not all) of his body.
    I also love the outfit you made for Dena. Had to laugh at how she "went to the Man cave and found a man." Moreover, she made him wear a shirt in the same print as her skirt! How cool is that!!!

  5. Hello from Spain: congratulations. Your new doll is great. I ike very much. Nice pics. Keep in touch