Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boy Will Be Boys

I made this video very early in the summer but wasn't able  to upload it until today. I'll be adding regular doll videos now that I've figured out what the problem was. Hope you enjoy this.


  1. This is so much fun!!!! Can't wait to see your other videos!!!! Big hugs. April.

  2. Love the"beefcake" video! These guys are real hunks! Looking forward to more videos from you. I have done the same thing with some action guy feet (broken them when taking off boots). I too have a guy with a sprained ankle! Now I soften the boot with a hair dryer before taking them off. This works out pretty good!

    1. Thanks for that tip Phyllis. Since the "accident" I've been steering clear of the boots!

  3. Love it! Did I see a tat on one of them? Love the action and the script-hilarious!

  4. What a fun video! I also enjoyed the other videos on your Youtube channel.